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Security Surveillance

Concierge Services

When it comes to concierge services, we at SecureFox provide personnel that perform a dual role of reception and security personnel. With our services, we ensure that the building is safe while providing the visitors and staff with a feeling of being welcomed.
Our security personnel will be there to represent your business. They will be seen as one of the first faces that customers and visitors see when they visit your company. Thus, we carefully select concierge staff that have the right experience and skills to fully handle the job at hand. Our services are tailor-made for you to deliver cost-effective and efficient services.

 Residential Security Services

We at SecureFox specialise in providing tailor-made individual security needs for your building. Since we are one of the leaders in the industry, we have perfected the way of servicing residential buildings to ensure that those that reside in the building feel a sense of safety and security. 
Our patrol services for residential buildings act as a visual deterrent for those that try and enter the premises unlawfully. We have the skills and knowledge to find and prevent threats and risks to keep the building safe. Each residential building has complex and unique situations, and we have the experience to deter threats.

Security Guard
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Corporate and Event Security

We understand that if you are hosting an event, it is important to safeguard your staff and guests. Since every event is unique, we ensure that we look into the vision and business needs and give you a service that is both professional and efficient. 
Our security personnel represent your business and will be seen as part of your event detail. This means that we recruit only those security staff that have the right experience and skills and have worked for corporate event management and hospitality. For the success of the event, we will conduct a risk assessment to ensure that there is enough preparation to secure your event from a threat.

Shopping Centre Security

SecureFox provides one of the best and most reputable security services in Melbourne. We are capable of catering to Shopping Centre security requirements and implementing strategies that work well. This ensures that people, assets and property are kept safe. Our team provides individually tailored services that go with a sense of professionalism and integrity that comes with the work at hand.
Our security personnel are there to ensure that you get total peace of mind and feel reassured that staff and customers are in a secure and safe environment. Most businesses are unique in some way, and hence we would meet you to study in detail the needs and security issues.


Security Guards

SecureFox provides static security guards for businesses and industries across Melbourne. We provide experienced and qualified security guards that can work in the most challenging situations. Our security guards possess the skill of deescalating and preventing any other issues and problems.
With our static security guard services, we will ensure that we fulfil your business requirements. We take into consideration any threats, removal of unauthorised personnel and vandalism. Our personnel have ensured that proven methods and techniques are used so that a continuous and efficient security service is provided at all times. Also, we provide security patrol services for your business, and these patrols can act as a deterrent to offenders and work as an on-site security service.