Experienced Event Security Melbourne

At SecureFox, we understand that when hosting an event, the safety of your guests and staff is imperative. We acknowledge that your event is unique, and so when creating our event security services, we take into account your business needs and vision to provide you with a service in which your event is seen, as having one of the most professional and efficient event security services in Melbourne. 

Throughout our journey, we have worked with various high profile clients in Australia. We are the leading provider of event security in Melbourne. Our team works closely with the event organisers to ensure that each and every surrounding area is fully secured. We pay special attention to site security management so that the entire event can run smoothly from start to finish. 

With our services for event security Melbourne, we deliver consistent security service solutions and adhere to the highest standards.

At SecureFox, we understand that our security personnel represent your business and are seen by your customers as an extension of your event. With this in mind, we ensure that we select event security staff who possess the right skills and experience from industries with the likes of hospitality and corporate event management.


To ensure the success of your event, prior to commencement our team will conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure they are adequately prepared to deescalate any situation or threat that may arise throughout the course of your event. At SecureFox, we take pride in being able to administer discreet and robust services for event security in Melbourne that allows you to focus on the true meaning of your event while ensuring that you and your guests will be secure.


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What security services you require our corporate and event team to perform may differ depending on your event size and industry. Some of the tasks our corporate and events team have performed are:

  • Asset protection

  • Crowd control

  • Age verification checks

  • Bag checks

  • Monitoring of event site premises

From residential to corporate security services in Melbourne, we cater to our client’s needs. No matter how small or big your organisation is, we have the right customised security solution for you. 

To discuss how we can create a tailored events or corporate package to meet your individual needs and company vision, please reach out to us through one of the methods listed on our contact us page.