Professional Security Guards Melbourne

At SecureFox, we provide static security guards in Melbourne for business across a variety of industries. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of providing experienced and qualified guards, who possess experience in deescalating and preventing offending in the most challenging of situations with ease.

Our static guard services are designed around your business requirements and can be tailored to take into consideration situations that are unique to your environment, such as the removal of unauthorised personal or vandalism. Our team have created techniques and methods to ensure that your business will be provided with an efficient and continuous security service.

Why hire our security guards in Melbourne?

  • The security personnel are trained so that they can polish their skills and develop a range of core competencies. 

  • We design a comprehensive selection process to ensure that the guards are physically fit and efficient.

  • We discuss the security needs and requirements of our clients in detail so that we can assess and identify the potential risks and pain points.

  • We offer tailored security solutions to achieve the desired results on time.

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We are committed to delivering security services of the highest standards. 

Security Patrols

At SecureFox, we understand that Static guards may not be the right fit for your business needs, therefore we are proud to be able to provide security patrol services for your business to a schedule that is most effective for you.

As experts, our team will work with you to design and implement a security patrol service that works best for you and your business. We believe that the presence of security patrols in a business serves as an effective visual deterrent to potential offenders and are an integral part of our on-site security services.

At SecureFox, we take immense pride in our level of professionalism and accomplishments throughout the Security Industry. Our years of industry experience and knowledge ensures that we deliver the right solution to you from the very first site patrol. We conduct random patrols to make sure everything is safe and sound. We use a customer-centric approach to tackle issues and safeguard your business. 

To discuss how we can create a tailored security services package to meet your individual needs and company vision, please reach out to us through one of the methods listed on our contact us page.