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You cannot compromise on the quality of safety levels when it comes to your property and assets. Whether it is a newly purchased property or your land, your assets need to be protected. With concierge services, you can enhance the security levels of your property and hire licensed security professionals.

At SecureFox, we can provide your business with a blended front-facing role of security personal and reception. Concierge services are a fantastic way to ensure that your building is secure, while still possessing an impressionable welcome to all visitors and staff. When creating our concierge packages, we take into account your business needs and vision to provide you with a service in which your business is seen as having one of the most professional and efficient concierge services in Melbourne.

Our team understands what it takes to build a solid security system. We are more than happy to assist you with our security services. The security team undergoes months of hard and extensive training so that they can learn to manage key security areas and fundamentals of various security assignment. 

Choose SecureFox and we assure to deliver exactly what you expect.

We offer personalised assistance to our clients which includes services such as household management and transportation at a reasonable price. For complete peace of mind, choose our concierge services. From upgrading the monitoring system to take care of the emergency procedures, our qualified staff will take care of everything in between. 


We are known for our high-level services and dedication to achieving 100% client satisfaction.


At SecureFox, we understand that our security personnel represent your business and are seen by your customers and visitors as the face of the company. With this in mind, we ensure that we select concierge staff who possess the right skills and experience from industries with the likes of hospitality, retail and corporate services.


Our industry experience has provided us with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of having a concierge service for both visitors and staff members. This knowledge has helped in us being able to deliver both effective and cost-efficient services that meet the tailored and individual needs of businesses and their partners. We acknowledge that your requirements are unique, so we will work closely with you to develop and execute a service that is right for you.


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What services you require our concierge team to perform may differ depending on your business needs. Some of the tasks our concierge team have performed are:

  • Explaining building procedures to visitors

  • Emergency procedures

  • Informing staff members of visitor arrival

  • Proving access to designated levels of the building   

  • Monitoring and coordinating service access

  • Parcel delivery

  • Visitor parking and information

  • Maintenance access

  • Static and patrol security services 

To discuss how we can create a tailored concierge service package to meet your individual business needs, please reach out to us through one of the methods listed on our contact us page.